Syllabus / Grading

Click a belt or the text for that grades techniques
belts-whiteorangeWhite & Orange Stripe (Under 6’s Only)
10th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
9th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
Light Blue
8th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
7th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
Light Yellow
6th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
5th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
Light Green
4th Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
3rd Kyu (& 1 Stripe)
Brown Belt1st & 2nd Kyu
Brown BeltShodan & Nidan

We hold karate gradings at 3 month intervals. At the grading we test fitness, stamina, techniques and knowledge of all aspects of Kyokushin karate.

Junior Karate Syllabus & Gradings

All junior students follow the IKK Junior Syllabus, where each full kyu grade is split across 2 gradings.
The first grading will be for techniques, where students earn a new coloured belt on passing.
The second grading will be for the kata for that kyu grade, and students receive a stripe for their belt on passing.

Gradings are split this way as there as students often require a considerable amount of time to learn all of the required techniques or katas to the required standard.
When junior students reach the age of 12 they then follow the adult syllabus.

Adult Karate Syllabus & Gradings

Adults grade for a full Kyu grade at each grading (techniques, kata & renraku).

Brown / Black Belt Karate Gradings

Our brown and black belts grade separately every 6 months. These karate gradings are longer, tougher and have a set number of full contact fights for each grade at the end just to push the student that little bit more. For our black belts there is also a mandatory wood break.

Students will not be allowed to grade for their Dan (Black Belt) grade until the age of 14. An exception to this is students that have taken part in 2 or more junior Knockdown competitions, they would then be eligible at the age of 12.
A 2nd Dan grade requires a minimum age of 16 years, and finally a 3rd Dan grade requires a minimum age of 18.