Folkestone Karate & Martial Arts Club

IKK Folkestone Karate and Martial Arts Club

Folkestone karate club is one of the oldest martial arts clubs in Folkestone, established over 25 years ago by Shihan Paul Sarginson.
All of the Folkestone classes are well supported by the students and the many brown and black belts that train here regularly. The club is proud to have produced many fine black belts, instructors and tournament champions. In addition the club is home to a wide range of both junior and adult knockdown fighters.

Turner School – Dance Studio (was Pent Valley Leisure Centre)
Tile Kiln Lane
CT19 4PB

(Saturday Class is at the Folkestone Academy)

Classes take place in the main hall, a large, light and airy training facility for karate with plenty of lighting. The staff at the venue support the club in every way. It also has its own car park so getting to class and parking is never an issue. It is in a good central location in Folkestone with excellent access to local areas such as Hawkinge, Cheriton, Capel, Sandgate, Seabrook and Hythe.

Class Information

The classes are traditional, disciplined and serious with a very positive attitude towards students. They are also fun, friendly and enjoyable for everyone regardless of age or ability. The lessons are very practical and follow a kyokushin grading syllabus, incorporating all aspects of karate and martial arts. This includes self defence, kata, karate techniques, fitness and stamina, flexibility, awareness, confidence building, earning coloured belts, bag work, non-contact karate sparring, full-contact karate sparring and  sometimes some kick boxing.

Turner School

5.30pm – 6.30pm Junior Class5 to 9 years
6.30pm to 7.30pm Older Junior & High grade Junior
7.30pm to 9.00pm Teens and Adults

Turner School

6.00pm to 7.00pm 5 years +
7.00pm to 8.30pm Youths, Teens and Adults – 11 years +

Folkestone Academy

Academy, Academy Ln, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Folkestone

CT19 5FP

9am – 10amHawkinge Community Centre Sensei Stuarts Knockdown Class
10am – 11amFolkestone Academy Mixed Class, From 5 years to Adult
Starting and booking your class at the club

Classes for children are £39 each per month for 1 class per week, £60 for 2 classes per week, adults £45 and £70, and would need to be paid by bacs and booked in advance, our classes used to be pay per class but since Covid things now have to be done differently now.

It is possible to do a one off trial class, which is £10.00 for children and £15 for adults, if you are unsure about committing to the whole month straight away.

Make your Booking

New students wanting to come the club need to book in advance via the calendar below.