IKK Online

IKK Online Is Here!

To keep everyone inspired, motivated and healthy the IKK have set up the IKK Online learning dojo. IKK Online has regular online classes and tuition from IKK Instructors and has been a huge success already, with not only IKK students taking part but other family members now starting to enjoy the classes with them. There will be a selection of classes for all levels (including absolute beginners!) which will include both kihon (techniques), fitness and stretching classes.

There is a small weekly fee of £3 which will help ensure that the clubs will be able to reopen when the situation is better, and when classes reopen attending the online sessions will count towards your grading requirements, where students who maintain their training throughout may be given the opportunity to grade or double grade for those whose grading was cancelled in march.

email paul@internationalkarate.co.uk if you would like to join in!

There is a facebook group which has videos and photos posted daily, where students can also post photos and videos to show how great they are doing.

Click Here for IKK Online Facebook Group

The online classes take place on the “Zoom” platform, which is available at the following links depending on which device you wish to join with;
Zoom App (Android)
Zoom App (iDevice)
Zoom (PC/Laptop)