Sandwich Karate & Martial Arts Club

IKK Sandwich Karate & Martial Arts Club

Sandwich Karate & Martial Arts Club has been established for over 10 years. It was set up by Yuji Okamoto, a Kyokushinkai instructor from Japan.


Sandwich Leisure Centre
Deal Road, Sandwich
Kent CT13 0BU
Telephone:  07768 126171

For Tuesdays Class at Sandwich Tech Click Here Tuesdays at Sandwich Tech

Classes take place in the leisure centre studio. It is a superb training facility for karate with a sprung floor, mirrored walls and air conditioning. There are also good changing and showering facilities at the centre. The staff at the venue are first class and support the club in every way. It also has its own car park so getting to class and parking is never an issue. It is in a good location on the outskirts of Sandwich with excellent access to local areas such as Deal, Walmer, Eastry and Ash.

Class Information

Sandwich Karate & Martial Arts Club has continued to grow into a very special club. This is due to it being very well supported by all of the junior students and their families. The adult classes have developed naturally from the parents of children at the club wanting to join in. Children can then join their parents in the adult classes as they become older and more experienced.

In 2012, the Sandwich Club split. The Friday class continued at the Leisure Centre, run by Kancho Paul. In addition Sensei Ian White now holds a Tuesday class at Sandwich Technology School, which is next door.


6pm – 7pm Children from 5 to 9 years
7pm – 8.30pm Older Juniors/Teens/Adults
Starting and booking your class at the Sandwich Leisure Centre

Classes for children are £35 each per month for 1 class per week, £55 for 2 classes per week, adults £40 and £65, and would need to be paid by bacs and booked in advance, our classes used to be pay per class but since Covid things now have to be done differently now.

It is possible to do a one off trial class, which is £8.50, if you are unsure about committing to the whole month straight away.

New students wanting to come the club need to book in advance. Please select the start date on the calendar and then enter your details on the enquiry form – Friday’s dates are for Sandwich Leisure Centre, the other available days are for Canterbury, Aylesham, Folkestone, Chartham .

For Tuesdays Class at Sandwich Tech Click Here Tuesdays at Sandwich Tech

Once booked you should receive a text message confirming your place and I will email you with the information for coming to the club – What to wear, Covid safety, payments etc.