Canterbury Karate & Martial Arts Club

Canterbury Karate Sensei Nigel

IKK Canterbury Karate and Martial Arts Club

The IKK Canterbury Karate and Martial Arts Club holds the honor of being the very first International Karate Kyokushinkai club to be opened.

Pilgrims Way Primary School
Pilgrims Way
Kent, CT1 1XU
Telephone:  07768 126171

Established in 1996 by Kancho Paul Sarginson, the IKK organisation was built up around the success of the Canterbury club, which is in a prime location close to many surrounding villages such as Bridge and Littlebourne.

The chief instructor at the club is Sensei Nigel, who also teaches at the Folkestone Karate club.

Hosted in the Pilgrims Way Primary School sports hall, the club benefits from an excellent and regularly cleaned wooden floor. The club also has excellent facilities with its own storage area and excellent changing and washing facilities. It is also out of Canterbury town centre and has its own car park so getting to class and parking is never an issue.

The club always gives the students an excellent work out, with Sensei Nigel making sure that everyone is both taught their techniques and has the required fitness for their grading. The club has a good turnout with students coming from all other clubs around Kent.


6:30pm – 7:30pm Children from 4 to 12
7:30pm – 9pm Adults, 13+ Years