Aylesham Karate & Martial Arts Club

IKK Aylesham Karate and Martial Arts Club

The IKK Aylesham Karate and Martial Arts Club will be the newest IKK club to be opened, starting on Wednesday the 1st May 2019.

Workshop Trust Community Centre
Ackholt Road
Aylesham CT3 3AJ

Telephone:  07768 126171

Opened in May 2019 and run by Shihan Paul Sarginson, this club will be the newest club in the IKK and hosted at Workshop Trust Community Centre in Aylesham.


6pm – 7pm Junior Class
7:00pm – 8:30pm Senior Class
Starting and booking your class at Aylesham Karate Club

Classes for children are £39 each per month for 1 class per week, £60 for 2 classes per week, adults £45 and £70, and would need to be paid by bacs and booked in advance, our classes used to be pay per class but since Covid things now have to be done differently now.

It is possible to do a one off trial class, which is £10.00 for children and £15 for adults, if you are unsure about committing to the whole month straight away.

Make your Booking

New students wanting to come the club need to book in advance via the calendar below.